Group Squad Training

We have two free squad sessions each week where you can push the bar higher whilst enjoy riding with like minded people.  These sessions are free of charge and anybody is welcome.  You must hold a current Cycling Australia membership. These start at $88 and cover you in the event you have an accident which results in you injuring somebody.  They can be purchased HERE>

The pain Train – Tuesday night (daylight savings)

No matter your level of fitness – Tuesday night Pain Train will challenge your abilities and force you to improve. Placed into groups of 3 to 4, you will be sent off in ascending order of speed and ability for three laps of Lane Cove National Park.  The idea?? To catch the groups in front and hold off the groups behind!! So no matter if your a pro athlete or a weekend warrior, you will improve your speed and fitness in a fun environment.iphone 5 1890


Where: Lane Cove National Park, meet in carpark off Deli rd.  Click here for map.

When: 6:30 for warm up lap, 6:45 ready to race every Tuesday afternoon.

What to bring: Lights may be required, and a good strong training mind!!

Ability: Confident bike skills to very strong.


Night Riders- Tuesday night (non daylight savings)

Night riders is a session for anybody looking to climb hills with ease. In this session we cover a variety of different methods of training to help you improve your climbing. Early in the autumn we work on building Strength Endurance by conducting longer hill efforts, later in the winter we sharpen up our new strength with shorter sharper anaerobic efforts.  This is sure to improve your climbing ability, as well as your general strength on a bike.

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Where: We have two start point’s. If your looking to get some good weekday km’s in we meet at Cyclery Northside at 6pm on Tuesday’s for a gentle ride up to Bobbin Head.  For those who are short on time, or just wanting to do a few hill reps, meet at 6.45pm on the south entry box to Bobbin Head. 

When: 6pm from Cyclery Northside or 6:45 at Bobbin Head Tuesday nights.

What to bring: Lights are essential for this ride. We recommend front lights of at least 350 lumens, and a strong rear light.  During The winter months the first decent can be very fresh, so winter gloves and a winter wind jacket is advised. The Pro Cycling Coaching wind jacket is perfect for this training.

Ability: If riding from Cyclery Northside -medium to strong. If meeting at Bobbin Head – confident, medium or strong are welcome.

Sunday morning club ride

Sunday morning is our longer ride of the week. We usually cover anywhere from 70km’s to 120km’s. This is a good chance to get some base miles into the legs.

group rideWhere: Meet at Cyclery Northside.

When: 6:30am sharp Sunday mornings.

What to bring: Bring food and drink for at least two hours. This should be at least 2-3 litres of water, and 600 calories of a carbohydrate rich food. Spare tubes and inflation devices are essential. We love seeing everybody in our team kit which can be purchased a Cyclery Northside and looks like this.

Ability:  Strong to Very strong