Level One Skills Session


Designed for those new to the trails, Level one allows you to experience the feeling of dirt under the tyres with guidance while learning the basics of riding off road.

Basic Bike Setup
Controls: brakes, gear levers, bars + seat
Suspension setup
Tyre pressures
Coaching Deliverables
Simple braking
Simple Cornering (flat corners over mixed terrain sand, gravel, dirt)
Pedalling technique + gearing
Climbing basics
Descending basics
Body position for simple trails
Reading the trail
Trail Requirements
Fire Road
Simple single track
Simple trail obstacles and surface changes
Can safely ride a mtb along fire trail: fire road + simple single track.
Appropriate body position as per trail situation
Appropriate bike set up


Rider Requirements:

Personal Mountain Bike – good mechanical condition
necessary tools and spares for basic trail side repairs
Food and water
Weather gear if required – subject to trail/weather forecast
Willingness to learn

Time requirements: 4hrs
Locations TBA (based on skill level and current trail conditions
Group size: 10